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Part of the Phoenix Saga event
"Phoenix Saga - Part V: Child Of Light"

Information-silk Episode Title
"Phoenix Saga - Part V: Child Of Light"

Appearing in "Phoenix Saga - Part V: Child Of Light"

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Supporting Characters:


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Synopsis for "Phoenix Saga - Part V: Child Of Light"

The X-Men are drawn into battle against D'Ken within the confines of the world within the M'Kraan Crystal where Phoenix makes a last stand.



  • While the X-Men, Starjammers and Imperial Guard fight D'Ken inside the M'Kraan Crystal both a Skrull and a Badoon are among the group.
  • Originally the next planned episodes were to be "No Mutant is an Island", "A Deal with the Devil", and "Longshot", but due to animation problems and delays they were held back until season 5. Consequently, Jean Grey's return was not properly explained.

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