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"Cold Comfort"

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"Cold Comfort"
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Synopsis for "Cold Comfort"

Professor Xavier is alerted to mutant activity at a storage facility, caused by Iceman. Heading to the location via the Blackbird, Cyclops and Beast discuss Iceman's past attitude when he was a member of the X-Men. Wolverine, Cyclops, and Beast subdue Iceman and return him to the Mansion. Not convinced Iceman will stay out of trouble, Professor Xavier places him in detention. Beast visits Iceman and learns that he decided to leave the X-Men after they nearly lost Lorna Dane in a fight. In love, Lorna left with him, and for many years they were in love until Bobby discovered his house had been ransacked, and concluded that the Government had taken Lorna to the Kirby Glen storage facility where the X-Men found him.

Jubilee releases Iceman from his holding area, and together they return to the facility. They sneak through some defenses but are soon knocked out by some mutants.

Xavier, Wolverine, Cyclops and Beast return to the facility, once again in pursuit of Iceman.

Jubilee and Iceman awake, finding themselves tied up and surrounded by crates labeled "Mutant Project". Breaking free from their restraints, they soon run into Beast, Cyclops and Wolverine, and are confronted by the mutants from before.

A fight ensues, Iceman afterwards finding Lorna with Forge, who reveals the facility is a training camp for a secret mutant division of the Government. He thought a skirmish with the X-Men would be good training for his team, consisting of the mutants: Quicksilver, Strong Guy, Wolfsbane, Multiple Man, Havok, and Lorna.

Lorna reveals her disappearance was faked because she believed Iceman would not approve of her joining due to his falling out with the X-Men. She also reveals that she has since fallen in love with Havok.

Returning to the mansion, Xavier offers Iceman a place back in the X-Men, but he refuses. Jubliee wonders if they'll ever see Iceman again, to which Xavier responds "I can only hope."


  • The newspaper with the headline, "Mutant Crisis!", and the picture of Xavier & Gyrich, is an issue of the Daily Bugle, which Spider-Man works for. The editorial is written by his boss, publisher and all-around hate mongelike , J. Jonah Jameson.
  • The storage facility name, "Kirby Glen", is a reference to team co-creator Jack Kirby. The number of it, "1917", is the year of his birth.
  • Though the connection is never fully stated on this series, Cyclops and Havok are long-lost brothers (hence why their powers don't affect each other)


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