Quote1 I got too much power even for you. You can't hurt me. I'm the Blob! Quote2
--Blob (Freddy Dukes)

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  • Wolverine's Motorcycle
  • X-Van
  • Cyclops' Car

Synopsis for "Mutant Crush"

Mystique recruits Fred "The Blob" Dukes. At Bayville High Fred develops a crush on Jean Grey, which leads to his kidnapping of her. Meanwhile, Rogue develops a crush on Scott as they are assigned to work on a scene from Shakespeare together. Rogue ends up saving Jean, although she doesn't know why she did.


We find out for the first time that Scott's blond friend's name is Paul.


  • Scott and Rogue are in the same drama class. They are paired up to rehearse a scene from Shakespeare's Henry V, playing two lovers. This foreshadows Rogue's later crush on Scott.
    • During one of their rehearsals, Nightcrawler interrupts, prompting Rogue to comment that he's like an annoying little brother. It's later revealed he is Mystique's son by birth, while she is Mystique's daughter by adoption, making this statement true, much like it is in the comics.

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