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X-Men: Chaos Engine Vol 1 1

X-Men: Chaos Engine Vol 1 1
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Steven Roman; Stan Timmons

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Feared by a world unwilling to accept those who are different. Led by their teacher, Professor Charles Xavier, the X-Men are dedicated to protecting humanity from the forces of chaos, hoping to one day rid the world of an even greater darkness?the prejudice that has made them outcasts. Returning from another dimension, the X-Men discover that Earth is now ruled by one of the most notorious tyrants the world has ever known?Doctor Doom. Far more disturbing than the police state in which they find themselves, however, is the fact that some of the world's greatest Super Heroes?including the X-Men's closest friends?have allied themselves with the legendary villain. Searching for answers, hunted by old enemies and former allies, the mutant adventurers face their greatest challenge: deposing an armor-clad madman with an entire world against them. Standing between them and victory, though, is their deadliest enemy?the malevolent Magneto, who has his own plans for dominating the world?


  • This is a novel, not a comic.


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ISBN Unknown.

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