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X-Man Vol 1 59


X-Man Vol 1 59

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Quote1 And maybe even figure out a way to keep me alive longer that a few years, right..? Some way of preventin' my body from bein' consumed by my own energies... before it's too late?! You're afraid to tell me that thought. Afraid I won't let you look for the "cure"... 'cause I'm afraid you won't find one. But I can read your mind, Reed... and you know that... Quote2
-- Nate Grey

Appearing in "The Ties That Bond"Edit

Featured Characters:

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Synopsis for "The Ties That Bond"Edit

Contains : X-Force (1991) #99 , Gambit (1999) #13 , Cable (1993) #75 , X-Man (1995) #59-60

X-Man goes to the FF for some much needed R&R where he runs a battle with the team, gets some tests done by Reed and shares an ice cream with Franklin.

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