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X-Force and Cable Annual Vol 1 '97


X-Force and Cable Annual Vol 1 '97

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Appearing in "The Last Valkyrie"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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Synopsis for "The Last Valkyrie"Edit

At the farmhouse the MLF is using as a hideout, a conversation between Dani Moonstar and Forearm is interrupted by the crash landing of the Valkyrie Brunnhilda and her winged horse, Aragorn.   The injured Brunnhilda transfers the life-force of the Valkyrior to Dani just as a trio of giant demon dogs materialize to abduct Brunnhilda and Aragorn.   Dani later summons X-Force to assist her in rescuing the Valkyrior. Reunited with her erstwhile allies, Moonstar and X-Force go to an old Viking village in where they access a gateway to the currently deserted Asgard.

There, Malekith, the Dark Elf who holds the Valkyrior captive and covets their power, senses the arrival of the mutants.   He attacks, along with his warriors and demon dogs.   The fracas ends when Cable is struck by Malekith’s spear, and he orders the team to retreat and regroup.

In the , they meet Kindra, a dwarf and one-time ally of the New Mutants.   She leads them to Skadi, a giantess, who in turn takes Dani to where Aragorn recovers.   With the aid of the winged horse, Dani can reach .   As she nears the Hall of the Dead, Sunspot flies to catch up with her, despite her protests.   At their destination, they find the dying Valkyrior, as well as Hela, who refuses to release them.   Using her bow, Dani forms a psychic arrow from the lifeforce of the Valkyries, and releases it into their bodies, restoring the warrior women.

Moonstar and Sunspot then go to rescue Cable, and she defeats Malekith with a psychic arrow formed from the pain suffered by the Valkyrior.

  • The next year X-Force and Cable had separate annuals.
  • Issue includes a bonus pinup of:

  • No trivia.

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