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X-Force Vol 1 41

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Quote1 So you wanna know what I did, Sammy? I killed her! Quote2
-- Feral

Appearing in "The Fun House: A Tale of Deception and Death"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Matteo Callasantos - (Only in flashback)
  • Marcella Callasantos - (Only in flashback), (Death)
  • Harry Bellinger, Mrs. Callasantos boyfriend - (Only in flashback), (Death)
  • Unnamed reporter & New Yorkers
  • Stryfe - (Only in flashback)
  • Tyler Dayspring - (Only in flashback)


Synopsis for "The Fun House: A Tale of Deception and Death"Edit

South Bronx
Shatterstar, Cannonball, Thornn and Detective Hidalgo enter the old Callasantos residence to look for Feral and answers to the deaths of the Callasantos family. Thornn recalls how her sister was found dead at the bottom of the stairs. While they search through the home, Feral watches them from above. She suddenly attacks and uses Hidalgo as a hostage.

Outside, Cable and Domino are upset that Hidalgo was captured. They are more upset that the group went inside anyhow. Siryn flies above the building in case Maria runs for it. Inside, the group now looks for both Maria and Hidalgo. Feral denies killing her brother or sister. Hidalgo then questions her about her mother's boyfriend she gets very upset. Maria attacks him and then drags him to another room.

Domino gets in position at one of the windows and tells Cable she has a shot if needed. He tells her that no matter what, they will not kill Feral. Inside, the group finds Feral and pushes her to get some answers. Feral denies any accusations that she killed her brother or sister. She then flies out the window with Hidalgo.

On the roof, she finds her old pigeon coop. She recalls the story that her sister fell down the stairs to her death. Her brother fell from the roof while chasing after the pigeons. Her mother's boyfriend tried to rape her sister and she killed him and they both hid the body. Her mother was so upset that she killed the pigeons and Maria killed her for that. She then gets enraged and lunges at Cannonball who quickly takes her down.

Hidalgo then charges her with the murder of the boyfriend and mother and says that the MLF was to blame for the kidnap of Lucia and Hidalgo. Cannonball later asks Cable who tipped him off and gathered all this info to blame the MLF. Then Dani Moonstar appears and tells him that she was the one who gave them the information and that she still believes in justice. She then flies off into the night.

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