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X-Factor Vol 1 67


X-Factor Vol 1 67

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Quote1 I am pulling the most totally bizarre vibes off the others. Quote2
-- Bobby's thought

Appearing in "Lunar Opposition! (Endgame, Pt 3)"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Boak - (First appearance), (Only in flashback)
  • Several Inhumans
  • Unnamed members of the Clan Askani - (First appearance), (Only in flashback)
  • Unnamed members of Shaw Corporation




Synopsis for "Lunar Opposition! (Endgame, Pt 3)"Edit

Ship has exploded, but managed to save its core systems and construct a survival module around the X-Factor team. They are pulled aboard the Inhumans’ ship. Apocalypse has taken over the Inhumans’ Great Refuge on the moon, and has enslaved several of their people as the Riders of the Storm. Foxbat and Gauntlet teleport aboard and capture Crystal of the Inhumans. X-Factor and the Inhumans attack Apocalypse’s fortress on the moon, using holograms to distract their enemy out front while also attacking from the rear. The Inhumans remain to deal with their enslaved citizens, while X-Factor goes after Apocalypse himself. On their way to him, they realize they are in the same place on the moon where Phoenix died. X-Factor is confronted by an enormous Apocalypse, who has Nathan attached to him, and is ready to destroy them. It is revealed that Askani is from the future, trying to save Nathan in her past to save her time.

In a chalet in Switzerland, Sebastian Shaw has just discovered that someone has bought controlling interest in his company and forced him out. It is revealed that his son, Shinobi, is the individual that has bought out his business and has ruined him. Sebastian attacks his son, but Shinobi discloses to his father that his mutant power, the power to control his own density, has manifested and reaching into Sebastian's chest proceeds to give him a heart attack before he blows up the chalet. Shinobi rises from the ashes declaring that his father is fired.

  • No trivia.

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