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Clubhouse For Gifted Youngsters, Umbrella Forest (Mojoverse)
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Dazzler (Former Guardian)
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The original X-Babies were X-Men de-aged by Mojo. This incarnation of the X-Babies was either created or stolen from another reality by Mojo
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Mojo World


The original X-Babies were X-Men de-aged by Mojo[1]; they were saved by the New Mutants. When the X-Men went missing during the Fall Of The Mutants Mojo created the X-Babies again, this time as their own entities. However, he decided they were a bad idea and was about to have them destroyed when they escaped. It is unknown whether Mojo truly created them or whether they were stolen from another reality, for example Earth-971023, a world once visited by the Exiles.[2]

The X-Babies went to the UK (Earth), however Mojo sent “The Agent” (a brainwashed Ricochet Rita) after them. The X-Babies were aided by Shadowcat and Excalibur, but had to agree to work for Mojo so that “The Agent” would be released from her brainwashing.[3]

The X-Babies gained several new recruits and once again left the Mojoverse, this time looking for help from the X-Men. Magog and Gog followed the X-Babies and tried to make them return to the Mojoverse.

After returning the Mojoverse, the X-Babies tried to save the Pix from the Brotherhood of Mutant Bullies. Failing in their mission the X-Babies returned to their base, only to be attacked and captured by Centennials (Parade balloons turned into Sentinels).

The X-Babies were forced to take part in a game show designed by Funhouse (A Mojo-baby version of Arcade), and to save the lives of their rivals of the Brotherhood were about to agree to work for Mojo.

However before they could agree, Charlie X showed up with reinforcements and saved the X-Babies.

During one of their playpen sessions, Psychilde was involved in an accident that caused her cellular structure to decay rapidly. The X-Babies needed to use Mojo’s machines to save Psychilde. The Mighty ‘Vengers battled the X-Babies, stopping them getting to the machines. However, the ‘Vengers quickly realised that Mojo was a bad guy and so helped the X-Babies, resulting in Psychilde getting a new body.

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