X-34 Space Exploration Team

X-34 (Earth-TRN148) High Quality
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X-34 Space Exploration Team
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Several unnamed members
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Space exploration team from the year 2088
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While on an assigned mission to explore an uncharted planet, X-34's space ship was overtaken by the planet's gravitational pull, and brought crashing to the ground. While examining the damage, the crew is startled by a large green dragon. The crew argues with their captain, Rick, about whether or not to kill the dragon, with Rick ultimatly declaring they follow their orders and not attack the beast unless it attacks first.

While the crew continues bickering, a crewman spots a large meteor headed towards the planet. The science officer of the crew announces that the meteor was travelling at the speed of light, and would reach the planet within the hour. With no chance of repairing the ship in time, crew helplessly stands together watching the meteor approach. But before the meteor crashes into the planet, the dragon lifts its head, and shoots flames from its nostrils, knocking the meteor off its path.

The crew pressumably repaired their ship and returned home.


Equipment: Spacesuits
Transportation: Standard space exploration ship
Weapons: Sidearms

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