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The Wrecker wields a four-foot long cast iron crowbar which has become virtually indestructible through extensive contact with his enchanted skin. The crowbar is a weapon of vast destructive potential.

The Wrecker has used the crowbar to demolish entire buildings in minutes and to hold off the thunder god, Thor, in battle. Because of the teachings of Ulik, he can throw his crowbar and have it return to him, much like Thor's own hammer. The Wrecker has also established a mental link with his enchanted crowbar.

In the past when the Wrecker has lost his superhuman powers, the power has transferred itself into the crowbar. By making physical contact with the crowbar, the Wrecker can transfer the power back into himself. Also, by touching the crowbar, the Wrecker can magically transform whatever he is wearing into his costume. By concentrating on the crowbar, the Wrecker can use it to take mental possession of whoever touches it, and cause an enchanted aura that can repel bullets to surround that person. The Wrecker can also locate members of the Wrecking Crew by concentrating on his crowbar.


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