Appearing in "A Stranger Among Us"Edit

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Synopsis for "A Stranger Among Us"Edit

Two man in a lab are told a story by a man behind a glass window about visiting a world of giants. They laugh the story off until later, after the man behind the glass has left, another man enters the lab and demonstrates that the glass is a microscopic lens.

Appearing in "The Two-Faced Man"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Two-Faced Man"Edit

A stagehand of the play Cyrano De Bergerac is in love with the leading lady so he resolves to knock out the leading man and don his makeup so he can get close enough to her to confess his feelings. She doesn't notice that he is a different man so when he asks her for a kiss, she refuses and says that she is in love with the stagehand. He exclaims that he is the stagehand, but when he tries to remove the false nose, he finds that he cannot.

Appearing in "Bright New World!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Bright New World!"Edit

A jetliner is caught in a storm that takes it through space to the planet Uranus and back.

Appearing in "The Alchemist's Apprentice"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Alchemist's Apprentice"Edit

An alchemist's apprentice from the middle ages is jeered at because he is oafish and desires to learn alchemy so he will no longer be mocked. When he hears his master and his friends coming to laugh at him, he grabs the wrong vial in trying to finish an experiment and the resulting explosion blows him to the moon where the moon people set him up as ruler.

Appearing in "What Happened In The Cave?"Edit

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Synopsis for "What Happened In The Cave?"Edit

A Roman emperor sends his adviser with a magician into the future and when the adviser returns with modern weapons he overthrows the emperor.

Appearing in "The Mechanical Man!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Mechanical Man!"Edit

A robot inventor has a nightmare that, if he made a human-like robot it would take his job, so he resolves never to build a robot that can do anything more than calculate.

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