World War Two Inside and Out: All the People, All the Places, and All the Events was a book by Hamilton Crane, detailing information on World War II. It was available at Albequerque Public Library (sic.)

Klaus Kruptmann used this book in 1989 to help the Blautot Commandos, who had time-travelled from 1943. Some superheroes used the book to discover information on the Blautot Commandos after defeating them. They then took the book with them to 1943 in a mission. The book helped them to find Adolf Hitler's private bunker in East Prussia (in a wood north of Venstok), and castle Vladistopol (native name for Castle Grachtt, a medieval stronghold near Stronberg that locals thought had a "blood curse"). Both of them were possible locations for a Nazi super-weapon and, upon Crane, both were abandoned in 1943 - mainly because of the intervention of time-travelling heroes.

The book also included details on one particular Allied victory in the Italian front.


All This and World War II