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World War II, or the Second World War, was a worldwide conflict fought between the Allied and the Axis powers, from 1939 until 1945. The Axis powers advances was halted in the year of 1942 when Japan loses the Battle of Midway. The formal declaration of the ending of World War II is on August 15, 1945, when Japan unconditionally surrendered to the Allied Powers.


In 1939, Germany invaded Poland and in response France, Great Britain and the USSR declared war on Germany. Battling with Allied Forces, the Nazi Germany was often set back in the conflict thanks to cover operations carried out by their enemies. Some of the earliest acts of sabotage[1] and espionage[2] against the Nazis were carried out by K-4 and the Sky-Devils.


As the conflict in Germany escalated, the Sub-Mariner declared war on the surface world. During his attack on the various nations of the world, Germany was briefly flooded by the Atlantean army until the Sub-Mariner was eventually stopped by the Human Torch.[3] Meanwhile, American news correspondent Keen Marlow was accused of being a spy and was incarcerated in the Strohn Concentration camp. There he met dying German scientist Professor Eric Schmitt. Schmitt had developed a variant of the Super-Soldier Serum and gave one of his last samples to Marlow, enhancing his body. Marlow then escaped from Strohn and became the costumed hero known as the Destroyer, and attacked the Nazis from within Germany.[4] Schmitt also provided his formula to Brian Falsworth who was also incarcerated at Strohn, he too was active in Germany as the Destroyer.[5] Nazi operative Dr. Dragon attempted to dig a tunnel between Germany and the United Kingdom under the Channel, the tunnel project was a failure when it was blown up by Marlow in his identity of the Destroyer.[6]


On December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was attacked Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service. The attack led to the United States' entry into World War II.


The United States government created the costumed persona of Captain America so that there would be a costumed counterpart to the Red Skull.[7]

In early 1942, Hitler called a special meeting of Axis leaders at his mansion in the Black Forest region. Hitler, Japanese leader Hirohito and Italian leader Benito Mussolini were interrupted by the German resistance fighters the Victory Boys who delivered a humiliating defeat to the Axis leaders.[8] Later that same year, the Allied Forces air dropped comic books drawn by American artist Carl Burgos that mocked Hitler's regime, causing a serious blow to the German public opinion of their leader. In retaliation, Hitler sent an assassin to the US to kill Burgos, but he was stopped by the Human Torch and Toro.[9] The Nazis also attempted to build underground munitions factories beneath the forests of Germany, this and the creation of the Stone Man were thwarted by the Destroyer.[10][11] When the Nazis captured American commander General Spencer, he was tortured along the shores of Germany by Herr Demon but rescued by Captain America and Bucky.[12] Also during this period a group of Allied Soldiers dubbed the Terror Squad were captured and placed in a Nazi concentration camp until they managed to escape and flee into Russia.[13]


Captain America, his sidekick Bucky, the original android Human Torch, the Torch's sidekick Toro, and Namor the Sub-Mariner acted together to oppose the forces of Nazism. When these superheroes saved the life of Prime Minister Winston Churchill from Master Man, the thankful Churchill suggested that they should become a team, known as the Invaders.[14] Later they were helped by other superheroes, the Liberty Legion.[15]

In 1943, the region was visited by the super-natural being known as Madam Satan and the spirit of Attila the Hun. Madam Satan's master (a being claiming to be Satan) had claimed that he was responsible for Hitler's rise to power. Unimpressed with Hitler's progress with the war, he sent Madam Satan and Attila to Earth to replace him. They took over the Nazi army at one of Hitler's many homes along the German country side. However, they were both banished thanks to the intervention of the Destroyer.[16] Shortly thereafter, Captain America and Bucky were captured by the Nazis and brought to a secret munitions factory somewhere in Germany. The two heroes broke free and with the help of enslaved French resistance fighters they destroyed the base and returned to the United States.[17] Later a train carrying high ranking Nazi officials to Berlin was intercepted by the Destroyer (Marlow) and German war resister Louis Frankel. They stopped the train long enough for it to be destroyed in a British air raid of the area.[18] Later the Destroyer assisted Free French resistance fighters in the city of Frankfort, by marking German munitions factories with luminescent paint for Allied bombers.[19]


On June 12, 1944, V-2 Rockets in France aimed toward England in France were sabotaged by American soldiers Combat Kelly and Cookie Novak causing the majority of them to strike Berlin. Furious over this set back, Adolf Hitler had the failure covered up.[20]

In the later part of 1944, Hitler was placed under medical care in one of his estates in Bavaria where he was apparently dying due to the guilt his subconscious felt over the destruction caused by his war. All of Hitler's impersonators were called to the home to plan what to do next attracting the attention of the Destroyer, who beat the imitators, but ultimately decided to leave Hitler to his fate.[21] Hitler was later seen in good health afterword, so this may have been a ruse to fool his enemies.


As the Nazis began to lose World War II in 1945, American soldiers Combat Kelly, Cookie Novak, and Captain Thorn fought along the Rhine Shore. Later in March of that year, the trio were dispatched to Hamberg to stop the Wolves, a group of loyal Nazis who were trying to reinforce the defensive against the Allied Forces.[22]

During the final days of the war, on or before April 18, 1945[23] - Captain America was trying to stop a bomb-loaded drone-plane launched by Nazi technician Baron Heinrich Zemo when the plane exploded, apparently killing his partner Bucky; and throwing Cap unhurt into icy Arctic waters. The Super-Soldier Formula prevented crystallization of Captain America's bodily fluids, allowing him to enter a state of suspended animation. He was later found and revived by the Avengers.[24]

On April 30, 1945 The Human Torch killed Adolf Hitler in self defense, in Hitler's bunker. Hitler's consciousness would survive in the form of the Hate-Monger.[25]

Magneto was incarcerated in the Auschwitz concentration camp. He meets his wife Magda there and escapes with her during its evacuation.[26]

Wolverine fights as a commando/special agent for the Canadian Army. He may have also been a spy for the Allied forces and it was recently revealed that he may have spent time in the Sobibor concentration camp.[27]

Post-World War II

Following the end of World War II, the Allied Forces organized the Postdam Conference which saw the division of Germany into zones occupied by the various Allied countries. The conference was targeted by escaped Nazi General Brinkhaus who used the meeting to try and assassinate President Truman, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Russian leader Joseph Stalin. This attempt was thwarted by the combined efforts of the Sub-Mariner, Captain America and the Red Guardian.[28]

After the VJ-Day, some team members from the Invaders and from the Liberty Legion formed the new heroic group known as the All-Winners Squad.[29]


  • WWII was mentioned for the first time in Marvel Comics in a Marvel Mystery Comics #2 text story, when the Angel (Thomas Halloway) battled against the Nazis in Grybow, Poland.[30]
  • Early issues of Fantastic Four Vol 1 state that both Reed Richards and Ben Grimm fought in World War II. However based on Earth-616's Sliding Timescale these should be considered topical references as the stories were originally published in 1961. Current Marvel Handbooks generalize Ben Grimm to having served in the military, and all references to Reed being in the army are no longer referenced. However, both can be generalized to the fact that they served in the military and took part in military conflicts, just not ones dating back to World War II.


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