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Patch is escorting Tyger Tiger to the Princess Bar when they are cornered in an alleyway by some common thieves. Logan gives them fight, and with the help of Karma (Who has been following them in secret) he keeps them at bay until they realize that they have tried to rob Tyger Tiger and flee out of fear for her reputation. Tyger Tiger is flattered that Logan would risk revealing he is still alive[1]. He spots Karma and thanks her for her help and comments on her new perfume before they resume their travel to the Princess Bar. There they meet up with Jessica Drew and Lindsay McCabe. There McCabe mouths off to Tyger, and Logan warns Jessica about her friend doing that. Commenting on the divide of the criminal enterprises between Tyger and General Coy, Jessica comments on her being the princes bodyguard and making sure both sides stay out of each others hair, before departing.

While in the village of Rumika, a group of mercenaries meet with the town elder to discuss the protection of a sacred object known as the Master Form which resides in the village. The elder agrees that for the sake of the world, they must keep the Master Form safe even if it means the death of their entire village. The Master Form is also being talked about in Madripoor, namely in a conversation between General Coy and Broker Andover, the owner of Andover Enterprises who is working with Coy on something called the Lazarus Project. Impressed with the progress, Coy changes the subject in seeking out the location of Leong and Nga, the missing twin siblings of his niece Karma. Before they can discuss things further, Karma arrives for her appointed meeting with her uncle.

At the palace of Prince Baran, Jessica Drew arrives late and is scolded by Baran until he learns that she was "helping" Lindsay McCabe out with a task, to which he accepts her tardiness. General Coy and Broker Andover arrive soon and present Baran notes on the Lazarus Project, prompting him to take their discussion to a private meeting room. Wanting to keep close tabs on these developments, Jessica unable to follow them without getting caught, finds something fishy going on and decides to snoop around the palace incognito. She finds herself in a lab where a woman named Dr. Page talks to a mystery man about the proceedings of the Lazarus Project, part of which involves attacking the village of Rumika. Jessica's presence is detected and Dr. Page orders her robot, Pinocchio to attack her. Jessica manages to fight the robot off but takes a severe beating and flees into the city.

Spotted by a group of thugs, she is about to get attacked when Patch happens to be by to rescue her. Jessica tells Logan of the plot to attack a small town and he decides to investigate things further. With Jessica's life in danger due to what she knows, Patch arranges to have her and Lindsay flown out of Madripoor by Archie Corrigan. When Logan comments on the "games" that Jessica is playing in Madripoor and that everyone in Madripoor being predators that will take advantage of her attitude, Lindsay angrily snaps at Logan asking if what he says is true, what does that make him, before departing.

Changing into his Wolverine costume, Logan approaches the palace and dispatches the guard at the front door. When Dr. Page learns of Wolverine's intrusion she sicks Pinocchio on him. Wolverine battles the robot getting a measure of it's abilities and attempts to destroy it with his adamantium claws and finds -- to his surprise -- that the robot is immune to them. Before he can act any further Dr. Page throws a chemical of her own design in Logan's face causing him great pain and then orders Pinocchio to capture him so that she might study him further. Noting that the village to be attacked is Rumika, Logan jumps out of a window and runs out to the ocean front just outside the palace and dives into the water.

This story is continued next issue...

General Coy previously appeared in issue 23. He will appear next in issue 30.

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  1. The X-Men are all believed dead circa Uncanny X-Men #221 and Logan operates as Patch in Madripoor to maintain this ruse

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