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Wolverine Vol 2 172


Wolverine Vol 2 172

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Appearing in "Stay Alive! Conclusion"Edit

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Synopsis for "Stay Alive! Conclusion"Edit

In the arctic circle, Wolverine and Alpha Flight are fighting the sorcerer Mauvais who has stolen the power of the Wendigo and is using it to block out the Inua, the Northern Gods of Snowbird. Shaman tries to find a way to destroy the pillar of light that Mauvais' magic has created, but Mauvais summons several monsters to fight the team. When Aurora attacks him, he affects her mind, bringing out her timid Jeanne-Marie personality.

The heroes split their focus; half the team attacks the column, while half the team fends off the monsters, and Puck stays ith Jeanne-Marie, convincing her to rejoin the fight. With her help, the column is destroyed and the monsters fade away. The Northern Gods appear, and cast Mauvais into the prison of the Great Beasts. As he goes, Mauvais sneers at Wolverine, saying he foresees terrible things for the hero.

The day is saved but Wolverine broods over what Mauvais meant.

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