Logan first appears diving out of the woods to take care of one of Magnus' Metal Warriors who attempted to get away. Returning to the group, a peasant asks what manner of creature he was, raising Logan's ire, only for Jubilee to interrupt, introducing him as her Right Hand Troll.

When Remy reveals that he stole the second half of the MacTaggart Crystal, he leads them to the Cavern of the Lost, where the secret stronghold of the Guild of Thieves was located to retrieve it.

Unfortunately, they were tracked by The Sabretooth, who confronted them deep within the cavern. As Jubilee dealt with the monster, Logan battled more of Magnus' Metal Soldiers.

After receiving advice from Xavier the All-Knowing, the trio set off for Magnus' castle, intent on reuniting the two halves of the crystal, much to Logan's dismay.

As Remy leads them through Magnus' castle, Logan confronts him on his intricate knowledge of the building, but the debate is short lived as Remy states it's his job to know. The three make their way to the vault, but are soon trapped by Magnus himself. Threatening Logan's life so that Jubilee with rejoin the crystal, Logan tells her not to do it, but she still complies.

After defeating Magnus, Logan is seen at the celebration, but leaves with Jubilee and Remy to continue their adventures.


Seemingly those of James Howlett (Earth-616)#Powers sans the adamantium claws.


Seemingly those of the James Howlett (Earth-616)#Abilities.

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