"Wolverine" was a tech empowered member of Susan Hatchi's fake X-Men team who battled Wolverine's X-Men at Madripoor's international airport.

Wolverine (Hatchitech) (Earth-616) from Astonishing X-Men Vol 3 55 002

"Wolverine" vs Gambit

The reason for the battle was to have it air on the news channels so it would tarnish the X-Men's name in the press and Hatchitech would be able to move in and take control of the island. "Wolverine" used his adamantium claws to try to slice Gambit, but Remy did a front jump kick to his head knocking him out with the one hit. The fake "X-Men" were then cuffed and taken in police custody courtesy of Tyger Tiger and Logan.[1]


He wears bracelets on each wrist that release 4 claws / retractable blades of Adamantium, which serve the same as Wolverine's claws.

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