Quote1 The Carbonadium synthesizer. I stole it. A long time ago. In Berlin. I came here to get it back. Problem is, so did Omega Red. The guy I stole it from. Quote2
-- Logan

Appearing in "Savior: Part 2"Edit

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:

  • Humans (Main story and flashback)
  • Mutants (Main story and flashback)



Solicit SynopsisEdit

Wolverine versus Omega Red in a revenge-soaked, bloody showdown years in the making!

Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

Characters in this story also appear in other stories between this issue. The affected characters are:
Jubilee (Jubilation Lee)

Omega Red (Arkady Rossovich)

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