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Information-silk Official Team Name
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The Nine
Information-silk Origin
Five teenagers recruited and trained by retired Naval officer known only as Mr. Mack
Information-silk Place of Formation
First appearance

The Wolfpack consisted of five teenagers from, South Bronx, in New York. The mysterious retired Naval Mr. Mack selected them due to their extraordinary abilities and aptitude.

Mr. Mack trained each of the team individaully from early adolescence into their late teens in hand to hand combat, strategy, stealth, speed, endurance, and raw physical strength. Not until they completed their training did the teen heroes meet.

According to legend, the Wolfpack has existed for at least two millennia The team exists for cosmic balance to a group of mortal men completely devoid of compassion known as the Nine. The new Wolfpack begin to battle the Nine and their forces in South Bronx, in New York.

Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.

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