Presumably, Baron von Strucker's life would have been very similar to his Earth-616 counterpart prior to the outbreak of the zombie infection. Towards the latter stages of World War II, when it appeared that the Nazis were in jeopardy of losing the war, Adolf Hitler sent von Strucker to Tibet to find the Rainbow Bridge in order for the Nazis to ask the forebears of the Aryan race for help. Strucker did not find the bridge to the city of the gods that he sought, but he did find a lama in Shambala, who was secretly Loki in disguise, who offered him the Death Spore Flower which had been plucked from the fields of the Norse underworld of Hel. Strucker returned to Hitler with the flower, which Hitler ate, turning him into a zombie and causing the zombie outbreak.[1] Later, Baron von Strucker was among the Nazis that Dum Dum Dugan ran into while posing as his zombified self at the Nazi headquarters in the Bavarian Alps.[2] It can be assumed that von Strucker was killed along with the rest of the Nazi zombies by the atomic missile launched by Miss America, but this has not yet been proven.[3]


Seemingly those of Wolfgang von Strucker of Earth-616.

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