Original Account

Sando was a German spy in the US during World War II. Together with his partner Omar, he set up a fortune telling act to serve as a cover for his espionage and sabotage activities. During the act, Omar was put under a hypnotic trace by Sando and Omar would make future predictions that were projected onto a crystal ball. Hearing about the act, Captain America and Bucky attended one of their shows and soon learned the act was a Nazi sham. Unknown to the heroes, Betty Ross, an FBI agent, was working undercover investigating Sando and Omar. Captain America and Bucky would defeat Sando and Omar, leaving them with Betty to turn over to the FBI[1]

Second Account

In a different account of the same event, it wouldn't be Betty Ross who would be captured by Sando and Omar, but Peggy Carter. It would also turn out that Omar was an innocent pawn forced to work with Sando[2].


Possible hypnotic abilities, as he was able to convince people his illusions are real and his apparently total control over Omar.

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