The Wolf was a Nazi spy who was active during World War II. He was so named due to his pointed ears and sharp teeth. In the fall of 1944 he and his minions operated out of New York City and used a secret printing press to create counterfeit bills to flood the American economy with bogus money in order to incite race riots and economic collapse. As the news of the counterfeit bills spread in the newspapers the Human Torch and Toro began investigating the situation. Catching on of the Wolf's men trying to make change for a bogus $50 bill, they chased him back to an abandoned garage. There the two heroes were subdued and left to die in the garage as the Nazis flooded it with carbon monoxide gas. The heroes managed to free themselves and follow the Wolf's men back to their hideout.

While the Torch and Toro were busy destroying the Wolf's printing presses and rounding up his men, the Wolf fled the scene in his car. Chasing him through the city, the Torch and Toro tracked him to the George Washington Bridge. With capture immanent, the Wolf chose to kill himself than be imprisoned and drove his car off the bridge into the water below where he seemingly drowned.


The Wolf had a printing press that could make counterfeit money.

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