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A renown Polish geneticist, Doctor Wladyslav Shinski was a contemporary of Herbert Wyndham and Jonathan Drew, and the mentor of the young Arnim Zola. He is believed to have gained some of his knowledge of genetics and technology from the Inhuman Phaeder or his son, Maelstrom.[1]

Shinski was absent from direct involvement in some of the Enclave's adventures, such as the assault on the Inhuman city of Attilan on the moon, due to his advanced age and infirmity. He broke his compatriots out of prison, but later had a stroke and was left bedridden. He was healed by the cocoon of Kismet, whom he saw as his daughter. Later he worked with Maris Morlak, who had taken on the identity of Crucible, but later slew Morlak and replaced him as Crucible.

Wladyslav Shinksi

Wladyslav Shinksi

Doctor Wladyslav Shinski was once a brilliant scientist who joined other scientists of similar skill levels and goals in forming the Enclave, an organization dedicated to the creation of life itself in hopes of creating a better Earth. Shinski shares the early history of the group, including the creation of Him and Her and the resurrection of the mutant Jean Grey, who had been placed in a cocoon by the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force.

Crucible was an armored form assumed by Morlak as part of a plot to steal Reed Richards' inventive genius and use it to kickstart Shinksi's genetics program. After forcing the Monks of Doom to build him a suit of armor similar to that worn by Doctor Doom, Crucible slew most of the Monks and enslaved the rest. Wearing the armor, Crucible successfully stole Reed's skills, and then he and Shinsky relocated to Genosha. They took control of their creation Kismet, renaming her Ayesha. They also began experimenting on Genoshans in an effort to create their master race. However, when Reed Richards confronted Crucible, it soon became clear that Morlak was going insane. His mind was unable to handle the continual influx of ideas from Reed's genius. Shinski then slew Morlak and replaced him as Crucible. Soon after, both Crucible and Ayesha were consumed by a Black Hole Grenade.




  • Scientific Genius: Shinksi possesses a high level of scientific genius.

Strength level

Normal human


  • Body Armour: Crucible wears a suit of armour similar in design to Doctor Dooms. It affords him some protection from physical and energy attacks.

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