The Witness was a mysterious being who was first recorded seen in late 1948 and most of 1949. He was a mysterious being who dwelled in the shadows and witnessed the crimes committed by others. He was first seen observing the people seeking to obtain wealth and fortune from the Diamond of Destiny[1]. He next appeared before a radio studio audience during an evening broadcast and told the nation of his experience with a ghost that sought justice for it's murder at the hands Joe Jameson the very radio announcer introducing the Witness on the show, convincing Joe to atone for his crimes. He next witnessed inheritors Dean Nye and Paul Murray try to murder each other for the full share of their fortune, with Murray killing Dean only to learn that the inheritance would only be rewarded to them with the signature of both men. He also witnessed the money obsessed George Murday toss away a solid relationship for his pursuit of fiscal security[2].[3].

As mysteriously as the Witness appeared, he just as quickly vanished. His whereabouts and origins are unknown.


The Witness has displayed powers that were apparently supernatural. He was able to turn intangible, as well as become completely undetectable by sight, sound, scent, or other means. He apparently had the ability to see ghosts and communicate with them.

This man has no known relation to the Witness who was active during World War II who was later part of the Twelve.

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