Below is an index of residents of Wisconsin. They exist on Earth-616 unless otherwise stated.

Resident Index of Wisconsin

Greg (Antigo Senior High) (Earth-616)

Greg (Sentinel) (Earth-616) 01


Greg and Josh were two senior jock bullies at Antigo Senior High who took pleasure in tormenting Juston and his friends.[1][2]

Jessie (Antigo Senior High) (Earth-616)

Jessie (Sentinel) (Earth-616) 01


Jessie was a senior at Antigo Senior High during Juston's sophomore year. The two developed a friendship, and although Juston harbored some romantic feelings their relationship remained platonic because of Jessie's boyfriend who had just moved to Madison to attend college.[3][4]

Father John (Earth-148611)

Father John (Earth-148611) from DP7 Vol 1 5 0001

Father John

Father John was among the passengers of the school bus went off the road and to which the DP7 gave a hand.[5]

Matt (Antigo Senior High) (Earth-616)

File:Matt (Sentinel) (Earth-616) 01.jpg

Matt was one of Juston and Alex's closest friends. He also attended Antigo Senior High with them. The longtime sufferer of bullying, Matt often express a lot of repressed rage and thoughts violent of violent retribution.[3][4]