The Winter Guard is an amalgamation of past Russian superheroes groups. It was organized after the fall of the Soviet Union. Most of them were from the Soviet Super-Soldiers group.

During the Skrull invasion, a new version of the Winter Guard appeared, similar to the Avengers/50-State Initiative. War Machine descended back toward Earth after destroying a portion of the Skrull fleet. In an attempt to assist Russia in preventing the Skrulls from detonating all of the country's nuclear weaponry, War Machine engaged, but the Winter Guard were ordered to "prioritize" their targets. After War Machine escaped capture, the Winter Guard assisted War Machine in taking down the last few ships of the Skrull fleet that were attacking Russia.

Since that time, the Winter Guard has taken on The Presence, The Dire Wraiths, Igor Drenkov, The Remont Six, Krang, and Hyperion.

Their last mission was to capture the super-villain group Intelligencia, who used the Zero Cannon on them and sent the heroes to space, apparently killing them[1]. But they survived the attack.[2]


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