Wilson Fisk attempted to extort money from the boxing ring of "K.O." Rigolletto from, but Rigolletto didn't have any to hand over. So, Fisk instead accepted Rigolletto's boxer Matt Murdock as payment. When Fisk offered money to Matt, Matt accepted the offer due to fear of Fisk's reputation. Matt scored a series of victories in the boxing ring.

Fisk then ordered Matt to take a fall in his next fight, but Matt ultimately refused and won the fight. In retaliation, Fisk had Matt's father Jack Murdock killed. Weeks later, Matt confronted Fisk and attempted to force Fisk into turning himself in to the police in exchange for Matt not releasing evidence of Fisk's illegal activities. Fisk refused to be blackmailed and got into a fight with Matt.

Fisk was on the verge of killing Matt when Fisk was unexpectedly killed by Matt's former lover Elektra when she threw her twin sai into his chest. Matt decided to the rap for Fisk's death so Elektra could go free.[1]


Seemingly those of the Kingpin of Earth-616

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