Using his mental powers, Mindworm feigned to be the actor Leonard Groote and in that role he was a star on the sitcom "Everybody's Happy." He became a close friend and more with his co-star Melissa Carsdale. He promised they would have a future together, but he soon convinced the producer to make the show focus on him. He left Melissa and the show behind when he was offered the starring role in the film "Portrait of the Young Artist." He later starred in "The Sensitive Man." Leonard was in New York filming a new movie when Misery attacked him. He was deathly afraid she would hurt his face, but Spider-Girl swung to his rescue.[1]

Later, his disguise was discovered by Hobgoblin who persuaded him to become his partner to defeat the Black Tarantula and become the Kingpin of Crime of New York City.


Seemingly those of William Turner of Earth-616.

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