Very little is known about William Puceanu, save that he is a member of an old Romani family and that he is apparently a mutant. At some point in his life he married and they had a daughter named Meggan.

Meggan Puceanu as a baby (Earth-616) 01 from Captain Britain Vol 2 8 0001

Shortly after the birth of his daughter, her own mutant abilities manifested in infancy making her grow fur to cover her body, as she had been born in cold weather. William was terrified of his own child calling her a "changeling" or a "wolf-child," and had to be convinced by his wife not to abandon their baby girl.

So for next few years William kept Meggan hidden inside their caravan to keep her away from outside world. Watching television became her only friend and she only learned about the world outside her caravan in this manner.

Sometime later, while William and his grouped were camped they were invaded by a group of men known as the Beetles who were working for Mad Jim Jaspers when he was taking over England and warping reality to fit his demented view of the world and abducted Meggan and took her off to a confinement camp somewhere in England. When Mad Jim Jaspers was defeated and the world put itself back right, Meggan was released from her imprisonment, but was unable to locate her family ever again.

The current whereabouts of William or his wife are unknown at the present time.


William is a mutant, with the ability to create what he calls "crawly dolls." The exact nature of these dolls are unknown.

William's status as a mutant is never made apparent in the one issue in which he appears, and in fact he is shown to be revolted by the manifestation of his daughter's powers. However, he is listed as a mutant in Marvel Atlas Vol 1 1.

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