Billy Bitzer, calling himself the Techmaster, worked at the Dreamland Disco as Harry Osgood's Lighting and Electronics expert. One New Years Eve party he came up with the idea to shoot Lightning Bolts across the ceiling at the Disco. Osgood was against this because the electronic apparatus for this was untested. Disobeying Osgood's wishes he went ahead with the display which went terribly wrong. The lighting bolts fired in several different directions causing fires ,in which many people died, and a bolt that went through the control booth and hit Bitzer in the head.

After this incident his face was disfigured and his hands had to be amputated to save his life.[1]

Later he was able to recover enough to open his own electronics consulting firm with offices in the World Trade Center. Building new artificial hands from sophisticated components.[2]

Blaming Osgood for his misfortune and wanting to get even he hired the Enforcers to wreck Osgood's studio and later kidnap Osgood.[3]

The Enforcers were eventually defeated by the Dazzler and sent to prison.

Soon after he tried to get even with Alison Blaire by tricking her to come to his factory. Then cancelling one of Harry Osgood's lunches he was able to persuade Osgood to come also. After a fight between Techmaster and Dazzler left Techmaster off balance and ready to fall into his own purposely built revenge machine. Osgood stepped in and managed to save him. leaving both Osgood and Blitzer even.[4]


  • Artifical Hands: Increased Strength from artificial hands. Strength of artificial hands were able to crush solid steel.[5]
  • Vocal-Simulator Phone


Limousines, conventional automobiles

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