The past history of William Baker on Earth-9997 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. In recent history, the Sandman became a slave in the Skull's army, through circumstances unknown. As a side effect of the Skull's control over the Sandman, his body had started to lose cohesion, and according to the analysis of X-51, he would soon die if he continued to be under the Skull's dominion. Sandman would travel along with the Skull across America, terrorizing all in his path and expanding his army. He was not present during the Skull's invasion of New York, so it is unknown if he perished before going there, or if he was just incapable of traveling further. If he had survived, it's entirely possible that following the death of the Skull, he would be able to reform his body. However, the Sandman's fate remains unrevealed.


Seemingly those of William Baker of Earth-616.

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