Wildrun was the first Red Wolf from around 1760. He drove the Sioux from the planes while trying to secure a place for the Cheyenne to live. He claimed to be the human son of Owayodata, the Wolf God. He was picked by Kang to be a member of his Anachronauts, the greatest warriors of all time. Since Kang was the only person to ever defeat Wildrun, he pledged his loyalty to him.

He was the only Anachronaut to survive their battle with Immortus's forces.[1]


As a Red Wolf, Wildrun has enhanced senses, and a superb tracking ability.


Wildrun is a superb tracker, hunter and woodsman. He is also an exceptional hand-to-hand combatant and a very skilled archer.


He uses a dagger, a spear, and bow and arrows, sometimes with explosive arrows.

Appearances include:

  • Avengers Annual #21
  • Fantastic Four Annual #25
  • Avengers: Terminatrix Objective #1
  • Avengers: Forever #3

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