Poll was conducted from 01/27/11 till 03/12/11
867 people voted!!!


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The following are the results of a poll taken regarding who is your favorite love interest of Wolverine's. Out of the choices given, a great amount voted. 867 people! An overwhelming 303 of you said Jean Grey was their favorite for Wolverine. Mariko took second with 97 votes. Domino came in a close third with 95 votes. Mystique was fourth with 70 votes. Squirrel Girl came in fifth with 66, while Storm was immediately behind her with 65 votes. Silver Fox garnered 59 votes. While rounding out the final votes were Lady Deathstrike, someone not on the given list, Yukio, Itsu & Viper, respectively..

Not surprisingly Jean Grey managed to steal the majority of the vote. This may have been because this was the most interesting love triangle for Wolverine over the years and it never fully was resolved. By the vote this reaction is definitely seen. Interestingly, the people whom Wolverine married or even had children with came in with much lower votes. Looks like the voters feel that Wolverine shouldn't ever stay with a single woman and should definitely remain Marvel's "player".