Whip Savage was an outlaw who was active during the days of the American Frontier. He was reputed to be the "most deadly, heartless creature west of the Mississippi". He eventually moved into the town of Tombstone Gap, Texas, where he was eventually challenged to a duel by the local sheriff. Whip won the draw, shooting the sheriff dead. With nobody daring to take the position of sheriff in town, Whip took the job himself. He soon deputized all the local outlaws and terrorized the locals.

Shortly after Whip's self-appointment, Kid Colt rode into town and came to the aid of far-sighted Mr. Rogers and his son Jim who had their horse shot by Whip's men and were being bullied by one of them. Colt stopped the attack but took a bullet to the arm. Patched up at the Rogers home, Kid Colt went to confront Whip Savage at the local saloon. There he walked in on Whip was he was speaking to a US Marshal who was hunting for Kid Colt after the outlaw escaped his hangman's rope earlier. Noting Kid Colt's reputation, Whip Savage welcomed the Kid to his town. Kid Colt however ripped off Whip's sheriff's star telling him he had no right to wear it. Savage then pulled out his whip and used it against Kid Colt. Unflinching, the Kid quickly disarmed and beat Whip Savage with his own choice weapon. When Whip attempted to draw on Kid Colt, the hero was faster on the draw and shot Whip Savage dead. The marshal agreed to let Kid Colt go, and the Kid turned over the reward money for killing Savage to Mr. Rogers who used it to buy a pair of much needed glasses. Soon a trust worthy sheriff was installed in Tombstone Gap.[1]


Whip Savage used a six-shooter and a whip.

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