Whip Coady was a gunfighter who lived in the state of Arizona during the days of the American Frontier. He made the mistake of picking a fight with US Marshall Tex Morgan and his Native American friend Lobo when Tex stopped into a local saloon to get a glass of milk. Whip mocked Tex for drinking milk, telling the hero that it was a coward's drink and goaded him into a draw. Tex easily shot the gun out of Whip's hand and Lobo quickly dispatched with Whip's cronies. With no other option but to stand down, Whip was then forced to paint a sign on the outside of the saloon that advertised free milk to anyone who rode in, the expense of which he would cover himself, teaching him a hard lesson not to judge the steel of someone by what they drink.[1]




Whip carried a six-shooter.

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