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What If? Vol 2 58


What If? Vol 2 58

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Quote1 Don't even think of moving. Quote2
-- Punisher

Appearing in "What If... The Punisher Had Killed Spider-Man?"Edit

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Synopsis for "What If... The Punisher Had Killed Spider-Man?"Edit

The story starts with the Punisher holding a gun to a man and telling him not to move. In flashback he thinks about how he was set on killing Spider-Man by the Jackal. As in the mainstream comics his first attempt to kill Spider-Man ended in failure. However, it did give Punisher insight on his enemies' spider sense. Using this information he makes a decoy Dr. Octopus and fills it with thirty pounds of plastic explosives. In this storyline Spider-Man is unable to escape the explosion and is killed. Learning that Spider-Man is just a college boy, Punisher realizes that he was used and goes out for revenge.

In the days that follow Punisher is pursued by most of New York's crime fighting community and has to spend most of his time in hiding. However, he is found by Spider-Man's enemies that throw a party in his honor. Punisher shoots and kills all of them. Later, during a newscast, Punisher hears Miles Warren speak and makes the connection.

Returning to the present, the police arrive to find that the Punisher is holding up Warren. They warn Punisher that if he kills Warren he'll be killed next. To this Punisher simply says, "See you on the other side Jackal."

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