Commander of the German occupation of Warsaw, Poland. Here he abused and tortured the Jewish people to such an extent that an unnamed Jewish man tried to blow him up. This failed and left him with scarring on the right side of his face and earned him the nickname the face.

He captured The Invaders when they attempted to rescue Jacob Goldstein and was under orders to bring them to Hitler alive. Taking Captain America's Shield for further examination, The Golem burst through the wall and upon sight of the shield went to find and free the Invaders. While the Invaders were fighting his men, Eisen attempted to flee with the shield but was ultimately captured by the Golem. He attempted to buy and plead with the Golem but this fell on and he pushed him out of a window. [1]



The name is presumably at least a passing reference to the "Blood and Iron (German "Blut und Eisen") speech by Bismarck concerning German 19th century unification.

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