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Appearing in "The Dark Side of Evil"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Sandy, Jack's landlady
  • Atlas (Only in flashback)
  • LA policemen
    • Lt. Victor Northrup
    • Eddie
  • Jenkins
  • DePrayve's wife




Synopsis for "The Dark Side of Evil"Edit

Jack returns to his apartment to find he's being evicted. Buck puts him up and offers a possible solution to the werewolf problem -- the work of a scientist that's been making a real life version of the Jekyll/Hyde formula. Hoping to find a way to isolate his bestial side, Jack goes with Buck to visit the scientist. Unfortunately, the scientist has accidentally tested the wrong formula and become a rampaging evil monster calling himself DePrayve. The Werewolf and DePrayve fight through the streets and in the end DePrayve gets away while thw Werewolf gets captured by the police.

  • The tag line for this issue is "Death-Battle With... the Brute!"
  • This is the final issue with Roy Thomas as Editor in Chief.

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