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Lieutenant Hackett goes to Geraldo Kabal for answers about the mysterious ring he was given from Joshua Kane's estate. Kabal reveals that Kane's trunk and everything in it originally belonged to Mad Monk Aelfric and only the copy of the Darkhold in it was missing. Kane suggested Hackett get one of the two rings from the trunk because it suited his nature. When Hackett learns that Jack took the other ring, he puts his on, transforms into a werewolf, kills Kabal, and runs off to find Jack.

It's the night of the full moon and both Jack and Ray have become werewolves when Hackett arrives to attack them. The fight leads into a smelting plant, where Hackett is about to kill Jack until Ray knocks Hackett into a vat of molten steel. Having killed another werewolf, Ray transforms back into a human, freed from his curse. Even in his wolf form, Jack empathizes with Ray and leaves him, though Ray wishes he were killed rather than to live with a murder on his conscience.

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