Quote1 You're a plague of sin -- one which smites innocents with suffering and pain. But the guiltless need suffer no longer -- for while the law has become corrupt, the Hangman stands only for justice. Quote2
-- The Hangman

Appearing in "Cry Werewolf"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Frank - (Only appearance)[1]
  • Harry - (Only appearance)[1]
  • Professor Makko

Other Characters:



  • The Hangman's noose
  • The Hangman's scythe
  • Nerve Impulse Charger


Synopsis for "Cry Werewolf"Edit

The Hangman draws tighter on his noose, hoisting the Werewolf into the air. The beast struggles, and finally bites his way free of the strangling rope. The two combatants prepare to square off with one another, but a police squad car pulls up, forcing them to flee. The Werewolf stumbles down an alleyway and passes out. By morning, he has transformed back into Jack Russell.

Elsewhere, Professor Makko and other members of the Committee continue to torture Phillip Russell. He resists as best he can, but ultimately he submits to the pressure and agrees to tell them everything he knows about Jack.

Jack eventually awakens and returns to Colden House. There he briefly makes acquaintances with neighbor Raymond Coker. Coker is brusk with him however and brushes him off. Jack meets up with Sam and Clary Winter who help to alleviate his stress.

That afternoon, Frank and Harry, two agents of the Committee arrive at Colden House and break into Jack's apartment. They knock him out, and arrange to bring him back to Committee headquarters. Unaware that Jack is a werewolf, the two agents wait until nighttime before leaving. Jack transforms into the Werewolf during the drive, forcing the car off the road. Harry and Frank die in the resulting crash.

The Werewolf eventually meets up again with the Hangman. The two fight one another inside the Hangman's lair, and Jack inadvertently sets the other prisoners free. During the fight, the ceiling collapses pinning the Hangman to the floor. The Hangman begs the Werewolf to end his life, but Jack ignores the villain's pleas and runs off.

  • The tag line for this issue is, "Cry Monster".
  • The letters column for this issue includes an obituary for artist Syd Shores who passed away on June 3rd, 1973.
  • Buck Cowan learns that Jack Russell is the Werewolf in this issue.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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