Dr. Wendy Day was a scientist working with Dr. Simon Mills in the city of Greenwood. They were allies of Captain America, knowing his secret identity as Steven Rogers.[1] Originally, when Mills was trying to recruit a reluctant Rogers to become Captain America, Day was sent to help convincing Rogers during a beach day. While Day was interested in a romantic relationship with Rogers (and vice versa), she felt that Rogers may be right in his hesitance. Rogers eventually agreed to become Captain America,[2] although he did not pursue an affair with Day.[1]

When international terrorist General Miguel kidnapped scientist Professor Ian Ilson, Mills assumed Miguel's involvement and recruited Day and Captain America to find Ilson. Mills knew that Ilson had been researching the effects of age, trying to fight them, and Miguel intended to create a weapon that advanced aging.[1]

When the weapon was first released in Portland, Mills and Day advised Presidential Envoyee Everett Bliss on the biological effects of the weapon. Bliss took the political decision to not deal with terrorists, because Miguel could be bluffing when he said he had an antidote. Miguel provided a sample of the antidote to convince Bliss, but Mills and Day were unable to replicate the sample. Considering that there was no time to make tests in animals, Day risked her own life going to Portland to test the sample on herself and on living people there (specifically one twin baby, so she could see the difference between one baby and the other). Day proved that the sample was really an antidote. Soon after this, Captain America defeated Miguel and provided enough antidote to cure the people in Portland.[1]


  • A proficient scientist

  • In 1979 movie Captain America (1979), Dr. Day is played by blond actress Heather Menzies. In Captain America II: Death Too Soon (1979) she is played by brunette Connie Selleca (who later returned to the super-hero genre with The Greatest American Hero, 1981-1986). The change in her appearance was not explained.

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