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This is a list of all the comics that are being printed for the week of 02/25/2009

List of the current Trade Paperbacks (TPB), Graphic Novels (GN), and Hard Cover (HC) comics for the week of 02/25/2009

  • Captain America TPB Vol 3 #Death of Captain America
  • Incredible Hercules Premiere HC Love & War
  • Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era: Strange Tales HC Vol 2
  • Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four TPB Vol 1
  • Marvel Masterworks: Mighty Thor HC Vol 8
  • Secret Invasion TPB Black Panther
  • Secret Invasion TPB Runaways / Young Avengers
  • Skrulls vs Power Pack TPB Digest
  • X-Men: Legacy TPB Sins of the Father

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