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There was once a young boy who was fascinated by spiders. As a young man, he dared the journey to the mysterious Webwood, a place filled with mysterious beings and used as a hideout by many rogues and brigands, to meet with the mysterious Widow of the Web, whom he begged to teach him all there was to know about spiders. The sorceress, touched by the boy's reverence, used her magics to gift him all the powers of the spider kingdom. Her one condition to the boy was that he NEVER use the power for his own interests.

Not long after, the boy's beloved uncle was set upon by a bandit. The boy used his powers to save his uncle's life and stop the brigand, only to realize too late he had broken his covenant. Enraged at this, the Widow of the Wed CURSED the boy, transforming him into a hideous fusion of spider and man. So, the boy, now calling himself Webslinger, became the guardian of Webwood, using his powers to protect the people who call the wood and its surrounding areas their home from all manner of evils, but to forever be feared by humans for his monstrous form and believed by many to be no better than the criminals he fights.


Webslinger has extra arms and web-generating powers


None known

Strength level



None known

Counterpart of Spider-Man

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