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Somehwere, in a bar, the man who was once known as the Grizzly is looking through his scrapbook he kept of his old exploits, while being ridiculed by some drunks inside the bar. The man gets enraged at their insults and slams both of their heads into the bar. He yells out to everyone in the bar that he will get a rematch with Spider-Man and that no one will laugh at him again. Elsewhere, Spider-Man gets home to find that Mary Jane's aunt and uncle have arrived in New York because of Kristy's condition. Mary Jane apologizes for the short notice. Peter meets her aunt and uncle. Meanwhile, The man collects his newly repaired suit from the Tinkerer, whom he had paid to fix it. He stated that he had heard that Tinkerer was one of the best tech guys around. The man also said that the police gave his suit back to him because they figured it was to damaged for hm to fix it. The Tinkerer sates that, though it was badly damaged, he fixed it. Tinkerer asks what the man plans to do with the suit. The man says that all he wants is a rematch. Meanwhile, Peter meets up with Joy Mercado, and then boards an Amtrack train. The man, now as Grizzly, tears off part f the roof and scares the passengers. He says that he wants Peter Parker, because Parker knows about Spider-Man. Peter recognizes him and begins to laugh. Grizzly gets angry and throws Peter off the train. Peter catches himself and sticks to the side, and begins to change into Spider-Man.

Meanwhile, Mary Jane, Sybil Watson, and her aunt and uncle go to the hospital to see Kristy. Inside Kristy's room, Kristy's father (the uncle) gets very angry that Kristy keeps throwing up her food and is costing the family money that cold be spent on vacations. Kristy gives him some backtalk, so her father attempts to hit her. Mary Jane intervene and grabs his hand, stopping him. He says he disowns Kristy and leaves in a huff. Mary Jane hugs Kristy and says it'll be okay.

Meanwhile, Peter, as Spider-Man, begins to fight the Grizzly, in mid-fight, Grizzly states that he'll be known as "The guy who beat Spider-Man", and then no one will laugh at him again. Spidey realizes what Grizzly's intent is, and decides to "let" Grizzly win so that he'll be out of Peter's hair. He lets Grizzly throw him off the track, catching himself on the underside of the track. Grizzly exclaims that he beat Spider-Man, and promptly jumps off of the track and into the water, and swims to shore. Spidey watches him go, and leaves.

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Solicit Synopsis:

Find out what's going to happen to Kristy. Discover more on J. Jonah Jameson's reaction to Puma's takeover attempt of the Daily Bugle. Witness Spidey's battle with the Grizzly in an Amtrack train.

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