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The Chameleon asks the Maggia higher representatives in New York for permission to take the crimelord position in the city over the Kingpin, to which they agree provided he can work with the Hammerhead! Meanwhile, the Chameleon keeps taking the place of J Jonah Jameson, who he is holding prisoner in a hotel room, even in the Daily Bugle, where Peter Parker meets him and wonders why his Spider-sense buzzes when JJJ is around.

Peter and Mary Jane go to visit another apartment in Manhattan to move in, but it is so small Mary Jane freaks out in the street. Peter calms her down, and later goes with her to visit her friend Lorraine at the Midtown General Hospital. But she is very rough on her, so they leave just to meet Lorraine's parents, who explain them they are taking her daugther with them where they live.

And that night Spider-Man fights Eduardo Lobo who is attacking the Arranger as a werewolf. Spider-Man makes the werewolf to run away, and then the Arranger asks Spider-Man for working for the Kingpin!

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You remember what happened the last time there was a gang war in New York City, right? Well, this time the Maggia's given the Chameleon the green light to seize control of the NYC underworld from the Kingpin! And to make matters worse for ol' webhead is the return of Hammerhead!

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