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The photographer Nick Katzenberg hand some pictures of Spider-Man to J Jonah Jameson who show the Wallcrawler sneaking around the building where the millionaire Winston Walker III lives, a fact which obviously Katzenberg does not know. Thrilled by the photos, JJJ puts Katzenberg on payroll, and tells everybody in the Daily Bugle: Kate Cushing, Joy Mercado, and Glory Grant, who was talking with his boyfriend Eduardo Lobo. JJJ goes to his penthouse wondering how to celebrate, but he is gassed and kidnapped.

The next day, after the Daily Bugle's first page explains how Spider-man robbed Winston Walker III, Peter and Mary Jane get ready in his Aunt May's house and she sees the newspaper and worries about Peter might be stealing money as Spider-Man. She is not the only one who sees the paper: Robbie Robertson, in Philadelphia while he waits for his sentence, the Arranger, and the Brothers Lobo, who came to New York to take at least part of the territory of the Kingpin, Silver Sable in the Symkarian embassy.

Peter Parker is in the Empiere State University with Dr Swann and Anne-Marie, but his beeper buzzes and has to go, just to be confronted by Puma! They fight, but Spider-Man runs away apparently without noticing he dropped his beeper, wich Puma takes to collect clues from it.

Elsewhere, Rocket Racer and the Prowler fight accusing each other of the robbery at Walker's, but they escape when policemen come and run into a Silver Sable's man who were sneaking there as well. But the fact is that Spider-Man was working with Silver Sable to watch Winston Walker so that they could see him go to his secret safe in Staten Island to check whether some documents he is keeping were still there. Spider-Man fights Winston's men until Will O' the Wisp comes and makes possible for Spidey to flee away with the documents.

Even the Sandman comes into action to help Sable keep Rocket Racer and the Prowler at distance and run away with the documents, but Puma comes and fights her. The mayhem is triggered, until Spider-Man and Silver Sable explain everybody that the documents prove that Winston Walker works for the Maggia. Peter even shot photos of everything, but JJJ does not accept them...because he is not JJJ actually, but the Chameleon!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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