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Spider-Man is looking for Doctor Octopus while this is hidden in the abandoned Cragmore Theater fighting robot Spider-Mans in front of his soldiers, who chat about Doc Ock's lack of confidence.

In the meantime, Spider-Man speaks by phone with Nathan Lubensky, who explains him her Aunt May is having money troubles. Peter goes to the Daily Bugle thinking of getting hire for any new job could help him make some more money for his Aunt. There Robbie introduces him the new City Editor, Kate Cushing, who commissions him photos of a peace conference in Schavian Embassy.

Later, Peter is in the cash dispenser of a bank which is attack by the Doctor Octopus and his gang. Peter suits up as Spider-Man and fights the gangmen, but flies out to put in rescue a hostage before finding Doc Ock, who runs away when the police arrives. But no one noticed that one the men is wearing a Spider-tracer in his back.

After that, Spider-Man infiltrates in the Schavian Embassy to shoot the photos while Doc Octopus assaults the Daily Bugle looking for him. It is because he was taking the photos that Spider-Man knows nothing about the Bugle assault, so he gets surprised when he calls Kate Cushing (who is a hostage of Doc Ock) and she explains it. Doc Ock gets tired of waiting for him and escapes with Cushing in one of his tentacles.

Spider-Man combs the city in search of them until his Spidersense buzzes near the base in Manhattan docks where Doc Ock is hidding with his gang and Kate Cushing. They fight, but Doctor Octopus is delusionally thinking Spider-Man is one of his robots. It is when he realizes he's fighting the real Wallcrawler that his mind breaks again.

Policemen arrives, and also Doctor Octopus attorney, Michael Gerdes, who stops Spider-Man and keeps him from destroying the Octopus tentacles. At least he is allowed to destroy the robot which was impersonating him!

The day after, Kate Cushing and Peter talk about the photos he took in the Embassy. They look too dark to be printed, so that she does not buy them and Peter leaves with no money in his pocket and feeling miserable.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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