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After being injured in the previous episode (The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 147), Spider-Man wakes up in the Daily Bugle surrounded by Ben Urich, Kate Cushing, and J Jonah Jameson. But he is hallucinating, and sees them as demons, so flees away. He beholds the city taken by Infernal powers.

Elsewhere, Glory Grant and his new boyfriend Eduardo Lobo are attacked by a machine animated by the same infernal powers that took the city, though Lobo is able to defeat it and keep running with her. Meanwhile, at Kingpin's tower, the Arranger and his men are attacked by another demon, a demon defeated by the Kingpin himself with a bare punch of his hand!

At Central Park, Jason Macendale feels miserable after being transformed into a demon by N'Astirh. He sees the Lizard wandering there, but also sees Spider-Man, and that he is unable to let go away without fighting. Macendale goes after him on his glider, while Spider-Man goes down to the sewers looking for Mary Jane, who is trying to find an escape with other job partners. So, Spider-Man faces the Hobgoblin in the sewers, until they get to where Mary Jane and the others were. She sets the Hobgoblin's cape in fire and he makes the gas pipes explode.

Spider-Man, Mary Jane, ant all the others get out of the sewers alive and well. Meanwhile, in Forest Hills, Aunt May sees the city going crazy in the distance and decides to go after Peter Parker!

Solicit Synopsis:

It's an Inferno tie-in and it's producing Spidey's greatest nightmare yet! In a New York City gone mad, where—how— can Spidey find his wife? His desperate search plunges him into the horror-filled city sewers — and on a collision course with the demonically transformed Hobgoblin!

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