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Spider-Man fights the Hobgoblin at Osborn Chemical Company chemical plant that got destroyed in The Spectacular Spider-Man #146, but their are interrupted by the plant debris itself trying to trap Spider-Man!

The Hobgoblin escapes dropping a comment to say he does not know anything about the strange events that have being happening lately in Manhattan. Spider-man almost passes out, but is able to free himself and wonders why this, and other past attacks, didn't make his Spidersense buzz.

The day after, weird attacks by suddenly animated objects keep happening. For instance, Glory Grant and her recently met boyfriend Eduardo are attacked by a mall's mechanical escalator! At the same mall, Joy Mercado and Ben Urich barely escape themselves unhurt. Meanwhile, Spider-Man is in Forest Hills to visit her Aunt May, who is at her home with Mary Jane and her cousin Kristy, who has secretly a crash on Peter.

Peter leaves and goes to visit Harry and Liz Osborn. She is very upset because Harry stayed at the attic the whole night. In the shadows, the hobgoblin stalks them for he is looking for Norman Osborn's formula. Soon he attacks Liz and her kid Norman to make Harry show himself. Which he does, giving Peter time to come back as Spider-Man and fight the Hobgoblin. In the end, Harry sends the Hobgoblin to his father's safe in the Oscorp offices in Manhattan. A defeated Spider-Man goes after him.

And that night, at his father's house in Hicksville, Long Island, Harry Osborn keeps looking for what the Hobgoblin wants, but actually finds a Green Goblin costume!

Solicit Synopsis:

Last month, in The Spectacular Spider-Man #146, the effects of Inferno caused Harry Osborn's chemical factory to come to life and attack Harry and Spider-Man. Now the Hobgoblin wants something from Harry, but he may get more than he's bargained for because the Inferno is affecting Harry's mental well-being.

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